Children’s Bible time

Goal:To provide an opportunity for the young child to learn how to worship God and why we worship God in a setting where they can be trained without worry of disturbing the adult worship.
Age Group:Age 2 – Grade 1
When:On Sunday mornings after the Lord’s Supper. Children and the Team Leaders will be dismissed during the song that is sung immediately after the communion time.
Worship Time:This is a “training time” for when the children go into the adult worship. Therefore the children will sing songs, pray and hear a Bible lesson. For this session the children may sit on the carpet or in the chairs. Since this is a training time, we will help them understand that they need to stay in their seats and have good behavior. We will also help them to understand that when we sing we are praising God, when we pray we are talking to God and when we have a Bible story we are listening to God’s Word.
Application Time:The children will do activities that relate to the lesson. A lesson/activity sheet will be provided each week for the children to do. Other activities such as act out parts of the story, learn the memory verse printed on the activity paper, make cards for the sick, etc. may also be done. Anything that could help the children relate to the story or how to be someone who does good things for others just like Jesus did. This is not to be a “free play time”.